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My Startup Story: EnYogue, Inc.

simone yoga teacher

I am Simone Leiblein and I am a yoga teacher and young entrepreneur. I am currently developing designs for my startup EnYogue, women’s yoga apparel. Today I want to tell you a story that has changed my view about business and my approach to my own startup. Here I would like to quote one of the finest saying of Milton Hershey School that – “The help-the-other-fellow principles is the only one that will succeed in modern business. And strangely enough it brings efficiency, you know.” I am blogging first time and I would like to hear your feedback!

5 most innovative online retail stores across the globe


Online retail business is the most easy way how one can easily sell his or her goods on an e-commerce website. We see plenty of e-commerce websites and online retail stores earning millions per year and serving worldwide. Online retail business is an extremely popular business idea where numerous entrepreneurs are keen to kick-start just because of broad business scope and wider reach. Let’s have a look on such 5 most innovative online retail stores that can spark a nice business ideas among those who want to launch their own online retail startups.