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Podcast Episode 2: Common Sense

common sense

Have you ever wondered what common sense does mean? Well according to Wikipedia, it is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by (“common to”) nearly all people and can reasonably be expected of nearly all people without any need for debate. Common sense meaning in general is – practical intelligence of a person. Common-sense has much influence on life of entrepreneurs, specially during their startup days where they are expected to play and win the game with limited liabilities.

Let’s have a look on some facts before going through the podcast.

Podcast Episode 1: Feedback is precious

feedback is precious

Sir Robert James Sherwood is a well known consulting adviser to technology startups and accomplished expert witness on litigation associated with the Internet. He has more than 40 years of industry experience and engaged by both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation matters regarding website advertising, software, patents, licensing, e-commerce and related Internet issues. This is the moment of extreme proud and joy for me to launch a series of podcast of professor Bob(popular public name of Sir Robert J. Sherwood) exclusively on StartMyOwnBiz. In first episode of his podcast, professor Bob talk about feedback and its importance.

Startup Risk Analysis is not Trivial – Robert Sherwood


It is not trivial, nor obvious, to define the initial risk of a new business. I am not talking abut the risk of success, but the risk in the underlying concept. Let me give you an example. Ten stores exist on a street and each store sells oranges, but no apples. You elect to start a store selling Oranges. What is your risk? More than likely it is not market.