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How to Run Your Cross-border E-commerce Business?

Cross-border E-commerce

Cross-border e-commerce market is an ever-increasing sector! A growing amount of entrepreneurs and other businessmen buy and sell products and services cross-border. The increasing numbers of business among international parties present a lot of new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Intra country trade and cross-border revenue generation is on peak. If you are one among those who are planning to run your cross-border e-commerce business then keep reading!

Scaling Business Growth – Keep Yourself From Getting Too Big, Too Fast


Great things in business are rarely ever accomplished suddenly as they are almost never done by one person. Successes come with hard work, effort and a team of people joined by the same goal. Trusting your team and yourself is key to a thriving business. It might be somewhat sweet to console yourself with the old “there’ll always come another buss to catch”. It should be wiser to catch the one coming your way – that way you’ll not only reach your end goal faster, you’ll buy yourself plenty of new opportunities to try in case this one fails.

6 Reasons You Should Start a Business Right Now

start business right now

start a business

You have a lot of good business ideas but you are waiting for a good time to put them to good use, probably when you have access to some cash or you are waiting for the environment to change in favor of one of those ideas, so you keep giving yourself many more reasons why you have to wait and wait. What I believe is, this  is the best time to start your business. Here are 6 reasons why:

5 best rural business ideas


In India around 65% population still live in rural areas even today out of which, more than 70% population still do not get basic living needs like electricity, water supply and proper medical treatments on regular basis. The new government is constantly trying to encourage this population which attractive Government scheme like, Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojna, Pradhanmantri Jivan Jyoti Yojna, Pradhanmantri Jivan Surakhsha Yojna, Mundra Bank Yojna, etc. The agenda is to let these population enter in main financial stream of the country. These way the Government is trying to bring the rural lifestyle level up. Government is also encouraging people to invest their money in infrastructure sector as well as motivating to do business in such areas by giving notable taxation relief.

7 business ideas with low investment in India


We see many people fed up with their job or lost their job. Many of them want to start doing some business but they do not have enough money or cash to invest. No one prefers to borrow a huge loan at initial stage. They often wonder business ideas where minimal or low investment required. Yes, ‘a low investment business ideas, some survey suggest, almost 65% of people who want to startup, search internet for business ideas for which minimum investment cost is required. So here we tried to enlist few such ideas for your reference.

Sell on Flipkart – Easiest business for women


Have you ever wondered why people start business outlets in a Mall although there are huge rents and maintenance cost involved? Are they idiot enough to do business in spite of such huge investment? We’ll tell you the reason. Malls are like huge marketplace where millions of customers visit for their requirements. Opening outlet in such huge marketplace increases chances of more customers to get attracted towards your products.

5 tips for small business

Tips for Small Business

We often see small business owners struggling to get a good revenue generation and to maintain steady and irreversible growth. Here are few quick tips for small business owner to achieve their goals.

7 Small Business Trends for 2016

business trends

Source: Inc.com

We often see many people who owns small businesses experiment different strategies in the hopes of increasing their business growth and overall revenue generation. However, trial and error can be costly and result in the waste of time and money. So, the important thing is – Where should they concentrate efforts in order to achieve the greatest returns in the business?