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Tips For Non-Technical Startup Founders In Need Of Web Development

web development

For nontechnical founders having experience of being in the business world, the greatest challenge is to navigate the technical components or functions. According to the point of view of a nontechnical founder that has worked with several teams or founders, there are multiple ways in which people from similar backgrounds can become successful in the software business say for example – web development.

My Startup Story: EnYogue, Inc.

simone yoga teacher

I am Simone Leiblein and I am a yoga teacher and young entrepreneur. I am currently developing designs for my startup EnYogue, women’s yoga apparel. Today I want to tell you a story that has changed my view about business and my approach to my own startup. Here I would like to quote one of the finest saying of Milton Hershey School that – “The help-the-other-fellow principles is the only one that will succeed in modern business. And strangely enough it brings efficiency, you know.” I am blogging first time and I would like to hear your feedback!