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How to protect business idea from being stolen


To protect business idea from others has always been difficult, crucial as well as controversial point. I have seen many experts saying that open should be open as they are just ideas, nothing much. And I personally agree with them as it is not possible to protect ideas using patents itself because patent can only protect some actual existing physical invention. So in this article, we’ll try to focus on some approach that can help you to decide what can be done to protect your business idea from being stolen.

5 best rural business ideas


In India around 65% population still live in rural areas even today out of which, more than 70% population still do not get basic living needs like electricity, water supply and proper medical treatments on regular basis. The new government is constantly trying to encourage this population which attractive Government scheme like, Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojna, Pradhanmantri Jivan Jyoti Yojna, Pradhanmantri Jivan Surakhsha Yojna, Mundra Bank Yojna, etc. The agenda is to let these population enter in main financial stream of the country. These way the Government is trying to bring the rural lifestyle level up. Government is also encouraging people to invest their money in infrastructure sector as well as motivating to do business in such areas by giving notable taxation relief.

How to get investment for startup in India


I am a regular user cum contributor at quora.com. Everyday I see plenty of users from India posting a similar sort of question about how they can get investment for startup in India and feel they are not aware of what is called ‘Angel Investors’. I often suggest them to evaluate these options but I think most of them do not understand the term itself. Recently we also published the article – Angel investors – Real angles for startup sharing the basic idea about the understanding. So in my today’s post I’ll try to give some more idea on it. How to deal with it in India specially.

Angel investors – Real angles for startup


I must say, I have seen many startups which could not sustain their momentum and failed to survive due to lack of timely funding and investments so far. Both funding and investments play vital role in business life span. For every newbie entrepreneur a burning question is how to raise the fund? or where to get more investments from? which, if remain unsolved, may result in business failure. So what should be done to avoid such situation? How funding can be raised? Confused?

OK. Let me pull the curtains up – the answer is “angel investors”. You may think, what the hell..? Now what’s this ‘angel investor’ means?

Planning your own startup? Do some homework first.


We often see people with innovative business ideas but almost 80% don’t have plans how to turn it in a successful startup or business. They don’t have any solid plans and lack of proper planning or guidance they get failed to establish a full fledged business. Today we will try to explain what should be the first step (of course some research and planning) every entrepreneur should follow to turn the business idea into reality. We can bet if these steps are well taken care of, then the outcome will be certainly give you a clear idea where your business will be in next few years and what you will require to get there.

5 things to keep in mind for startup after college graduation


It’s well known that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Larry Page of Google launched startup companies while still in college has inspired lots of students who plans to establish their own startup right after graduation. Now a days Indian students also started to think like this way and started turning their dreams of entrepreneurship into reality right after their graduation. But for this, the students need to deal with certain challenges and hurdles at each level of their journey.

Today we want to share some important tips and things to be taken care of with all such graduates who are potential and aspiring entrepreneurs of tomorrow, which will certainly help them take better decisions and make their journey a successful and fruitful one.

Deepak Parekh, Nandan Nilekani back IIM graduate’s idea for startups


Source: Economic Times


NEW DELHI: Top business leaders including Deepak Parekh and Nandan Nilekani have come together to back an innovative startups concept of an IIM graduate penning down 21 innovative ideas in form short stories all of which can be start-up business opportunities.

9 primary laws for startups in India


Since last one year, the Indian government is constantly trying to make the country more business friendly and even encouraging foreign investors to invest in Indian economy. It is being viewed as as opportunity to establish new ventures for those who want to startup their own business. Starting a new business in India requires many thing to be considered. There are certain startup laws which every novice entrepreneur must know. Before you decide any further steps for your startups in India, let’s have a look on those primary startup laws with which you may need to deal on your own whenever required.