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10 Most Innovative Startups In India, You Must Know More About

innovative startups

There was a time when joining multi-national companies was the sole aim of graduates in India. Today they want to run their own businesses. Needless to say, with the passion to offer something innovative, young entrepreneurs are coming up with superb out-of-the-box ideas. While we are seeing a multitude of start-ups springing up here and there, some of them are extremely kickass and have some cool and innovative ideas! Here’s a list of 10 best innovative startups in India.

Thrust Your Startup Marketing With These Simple Strategies

startup marketing

Did you know that there were over 530,000 new businesses every month during 2015? Well, according to the Kauffman Index of Startup Activity, it’s definitely true. Whether you knew about the number or not, the fact still remains – that number is quite mind-blowing. Let’s assume that the number stayed relatively the same during the course of 2016. It still means that at the end of the year, we’ll be having 6.4 million new businesses worldwide. Let’s focus on some simple yet effective strategies for startup marketing. I strongly believe, such strategies can help startup to survive and sustain the growth. 

Technical Solutions Adequate to your Business Needs


Kicking off a successful startup requires a lot of hard work. Depending on the amount of initial investment and overall requirements of your industry, you will need an adequate set of tools in order to successfully design, test, evaluate, manufacture and service your products or services. Apart from testing your brilliant idea, doing the initial market research and transforming your intentions into a business plan, there are many things to take into account that we sometimes tend to forget. This overview should help you remember the key performance indicators to take into account when choosing the technical solutions adequate to your business needs.