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5 things to keep in mind for startup after college graduation


It’s well known that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Larry Page of Google launched startup companies while still in college has inspired lots of students who plans to establish their own startup right after graduation. Now a days Indian students also started to think like this way and started turning their dreams of entrepreneurship into reality right after their graduation. But for this, the students need to deal with certain challenges and hurdles at each level of their journey.

Today we want to share some important tips and things to be taken care of with all such graduates who are potential and aspiring entrepreneurs of tomorrow, which will certainly help them take better decisions and make their journey a successful and fruitful one.

Why You Should Start Out Running Your Small Business from Home

business from home

Today we see number of people working and earning from their home. Have you ever think of it? Have you ever wondered why starting business from home is more easy and more convenient beyond your expectations? Today we’ll try to give you some idea related to it with reference of some facts and examples. Let’s start the drive 🙂

Running a home-based business also requires attention to various challenges and certain investment like any other business but here, the net returns are more attractive since there are no other costs involved like rents, daily transportation, etc.

Effective way to start a new project | StartMyOwnBiz

new project

Its always a non-functional person who starts the project communication with end client. The person can be a non-technical guy, but he can always keep a checklist to start the project the most effective way… follow be below list each time you start the initial communication with client. Let’s have a look on some effective ways to start a new project or business.

6 tips to start your own business

start your own business

start your own business

Starting a new business has always been considered as a difficult task which needs clear vision, business ideas, some investment and huge efforts. If you have clear business strategies and plans then you can easily start your own business for which, you need just a systematic efforts in right direction. We often see people wondering how to start my own business? In this article, I have tried to describe the do and the don’t