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We encourage all bloggers and domain experts to come forward and write for us. Because we strongly believe that everybody has certain sort of concepts and ideas of doing business and.  So if you are passionate about writing and have enough domain knowledge, you are welcomed along with your content at StartMyOwnBiz.biz

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Our Policy for Guest Bloggers

Admin has exclusive rights to modify content (especially post title) of contributors without prior notice. However scope of moderation will be mostly limited for SEO purpose only.

We never pay to any of contributor associated with us and contribute via guest posting. However we do not mind at all if contributors put their affiliation link, ads or any other link within their content. Any pornographic or extremist content will be immediately rejected.

How can you become a contributor?

Before you join startmyownbiz.biz as a contributor, we expect you to maintain the best quality that we have tried to maintain since start of this website. We always encourage bloggers to join our network and get attention from our audience worldwide. Here are some of the tips that will help you to get your article published on this blog.

  • Evaluate our site first and try to get idea what kind of articles we publish here.
  • Write the quality content that adds value for the audience.
  • Here are few of the categories that we accept an article from, and also suggestions for few articles.
  • Please do not submit already published articles. Nobody wants penalty from Google 🙂 .

Do not forget to give credit to third party content

Feel free to give credit if your idea derived from some one else work. Same goes for images that you use in your content. To ensure your article get published, write a very original piece.

If we ever found out that your content has been copied post from anywhere, we will remove all your contents and profile from our site. Also kindly note that by submitting a post to our site, you give us the copyright ownership of the post.

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